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No Shabbat Shalom for you written by Larry Levine

Shabbat Shalom to everybody, everybody except….. The following.

President Obama who traded the top 5 Taliban prisoners in Guantanamo for what looks like a deserter. He also didn’t alert Congress, once again making a unilateral decision, which many believe is illegal. In true President Obama fashion he answered his critics by saying, “I’m never surprised by controversies that are whipped up in Washington. That’s par for the course,” He shouldn’t be surprised because he is the one who caused most of them.
Then there is Susan Rice who once again visited the Sunday talk shows and said this gem… She was asked about reports that Bergdahl had deserted his post, and whether he would be punished for it. “He served the United States with honor, and distinction,” The rest of the week has been filled with reports of his fellow soldiers saying that he deserted, converted to Islam and became a Jihadi. So much for honor and distinction. Of course the Taliban may feel that he served them with both honor and distinction.
The Palestinian authority announces that they have signed a Unity Pact with Hamas. You know the same Hamas that has killed hundreds of civilians at pizza parlors, has sworn to destroy Israel, and has been mostly responsible for firing over 10000 missiles indiscriminately at Israel civilian population centers. If that weren’t bad enough.
John Kerry and the State department immediately said that they would continue to support the Government of Hamas and the PLO even though it is illegal to fund a terrorist organization.
To Bashar Assad who won his election as President of Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran, who congratulated him. As if there was any doubt? What was his platform to his people? “Vote for me, and I won’t kill you”?. Or vote for me, and I will kill you anyway? Bashar Assad has now “reformed” (some recently with chlorine gas) over 150000 of his fellow Syrians. Did we forget about chlorine gas when we got Russia to “help” us get rid of his weapons of mass destruction?
Finally to whomever didn’t service the air conditioning system in San Antonio making it unbearable for both athletes and fans to enjoy the first game of the finals. OK this one doesn’t rise to the No Shabbat Shalom level, but it is close.
To everybody who read this instead of doing something more productive, I wish you Shabbat Shalom. To those who I mentioned, and to others (including Rick) whom I didn’t. You know who you are.

No Shabbat Shalom For You.

Your friend Larry


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