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Shabbat Shalom to everyone, everyone but….

Shabbat Shalom to everybody, everybody except….. The following.

Yes, you guessed it once again President Obama is at the top of the list. While the world is burning President Obama went golfing and fundraising only to surface with a speech, a speech, yet another speech, a…. speech to tell the world that he is sending 300 troops who won’t be allowed to do anything to Iraq. He said that the reason that we withdrew all of our forces from Iraq after having spent a trillion dollars, and over 4500 lives, was that it was Prime Minister Maliki (Prime Minister of Iraq) fault because he wouldn’t sign a status of forces agreement. He may, may, may consider air strikes… Oh and we won’t’ take sides in this war even though one side is taking over a large swath of the middle east establishing oppressive Sharia law .and chopping the heads off of the opposition along the way. In short it was so confusing that the President accomplished what he set out to accomplish …. nothing, nada, no decision, nothing, please don’t bother me I have to get back to my golf game, nothing… did I say nothing?
We also have to hand it to the IRS commissioner you know the IRS who asks us all to keep up to 7 years of records who casually mentioned today in the hearing that the hard drives (of the main targets of the IRS investigation into targeting of conservative groups) were destroyed and that we shouldn’t be upset because it happened 3 years ago.
Next time that the IRS does an audit of you try the same thing on them … oooops my dog ate my records, oh sorry my hard drive blew after watching an anti-Muslim video on the internet (oooops wrong scandal).
A special place in our who’s who of people who have earned their place in this weeks No Shabbat Shalom.
1. Huffington Post who thinks that France vs Switzerland in the world cup, star war news, 5 mind blowing facts you Probably didn’t know about Jaws, Rumer Willis Freed the Nipple’ without taking her shirt off and other assorted “important “stories are more important than posting anything about the hearings, until your fingers go numb from scrolling down to the depths of Huff Post hell to find it.
To all of the other media who seem to feel that a scandal that makes Watergate look like it is a bad case of mistaken identity for jaywalking. Thank you for not doing your job, and protecting the Democrats, not just the President but Chuck Schumer, Levin, Durbin and of course the executive branch. It is plainly obvious to all but those on an extended Kool-Aid hangover, that the Democrats did not like the Supreme Court decision on campaign monies spent by corporations. So what did the Dems and the Pres. do? They decided that our entire system of justice, laws, Congress the Supreme Court, and yes the constitution doesn’t work for them, so they went to the IRS to punish anybody, anybody who opposed the Democrat, or administration party line. In short the Democrats committed a bloodless coup of our Government.
Finally to those in the Palestinian society / Government who support the kidnapping of civilians (Yeshiva students) by posting pictures of smiling children holding up their hands to show their support of this. To the kidnappers, the sycophantic, supporters of a people who have shown no willingness, desire, steps to have a real peace with Israel and their enablers. .
To everybody who read this instead of watching re runs of Game of Thrones, old Seinfeld episodes, or did anything else productive, I wish you Shabbat Shalom. To those who I mentioned, and to others whom I didn’t (including Rick). You know who you are.

No Shabbat Shalom For You.

Your friend Larry

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